Professional Edition

SoluteDNS Professional Edition for WHMCS is an advanced addon module which allows you and your clients to manage DNS zones from your PowerDNS nameserver with MySQL back-end.

Premium Addon
Automated Tasks
DNSsec Support
Client Zones
Extended Integration

The Premium Module is an advanced module for WHMCS which comes pre-packaged with the SoluteDNS Core. The Core can be used free of charge up to 25 zones.


Zones can be automatically created during orders and deleted once a configured status has been reached.

Domain & Product Zones

You can create zones for WHMCS domains and/or products using DNS templates. Or create a standalone zone.

DNS Template

Besides an default DNS template for new domains you can also set a specific DNS template for products.

Multi Language

Any language can be added using the language and language override files.

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DNS Health

Automatically check if there are issues with the zone for example wrongly configured nameservers.

Reverse Records

You can assign reverse records to clients to allow the client to update them in the client area.

Limit Staff Access

You can limit staff access to DNS Management only to avoid changes to system settings by staff.

Import & Export

Use the Import and Export feature to easily import or export records from/ into a BIND zone file format.