Version 0.2.5 released

Version 0.2.5 released

We are excited to announce the release of SoluteDNS for WHMCS v0.2.5. In this article we will shortly highlight the changes in this new release. Please see the changelog, and project tracker for detailed information. For specific template changes you can review the GitHub page.

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Zone Import and Export
The zone import and export options where previously only available for premium licenses. We have made this option available for standard licenses as well in this release.

Languages Added
We have added: German, Italian and Spanish language packs to the distribution package.

WHMCS v7 compatibility
WHMCS v7 compatibility has been reviewed. SoluteDNS v0.2.5 and later is compatible with WHMCS v7. Please do note SoluteDNS is currently not encoded for PHP 7 installations.

PowerDNS v4 DNSsec support
You can now also manage DNSsec with the all new PowerDNS v4 authoritative nameservers. Please do note the way SoluteDNS saves algorithm types has changed which may affect your customizations. SoluteDNS now passes the integer value of the algorithm instead of the written value.

Improved product handling
product_handling_edited SoluteDNS now allows you to enable product specific settings. You can setup per product if DNSsec should be enabled, the record limit and the cluster in which the product zone should be created. Please note options availability may defer depending on your license.

Automated updater security
We have improved the security of the update package. New security measures will be applied on the next automated update release. The automated updater will still only update SoluteDNS when initiated manually.

Health system cron
The health system now has a separate cron which can be performed to do a global health check on all regular zones to determine issues quicker even when a zone is not updated for some while. See the health system documentation for more information about how to activate this cron job.

System requirements changes
The next release of SoluteDNS will have the following system requirements changes:

- PHP 5.6 or later
- WHMCS 6.3 or later
- IonCube 5.0.1 or later
- PHP_cURL Enabled

For IDN support PHP_intl should also be enabled.

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SoluteDNS is an advanced DNS Management solution which integrates with WHMCS.