Version 2.17.001 released

Version 2.17.001 released

We are pleased to release SoluteDNS for WHMCS v2.17.001. In this article we will shortly talk about this new update. For detailed changes please see the changelog and project tracker. You can review our GitHub page for template specific changes.

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Bug fixes
This release contains several bug fixes related to license expiry issues, database upgrading issues, DNS type system wide availability, CSS and DataTables pagination.

New version numbering
In the light of our new distribution scheme the version numbering is now depending on the distribution instead of the old versioning system. The new version numbering exists of: <branch>.<year>.<distribution>.

Local database back-end
The database back-end for local database connections now fully use the WHMCS database handler.

DatTables update
DataTables has been updated to the latest version.

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SoluteDNS is an advanced DNS Management solution which integrates with WHMCS.