The Core is here

The Core is here

Ever since SoluteDNS has been released we always recognized the importance of customisation for our clients. We introduced several developer features over time to make this possible and committed to further improve and extend these options.

Lately our attentions has gone to further improving the customizability of SoluteDNS even further. Today we have taken this functionality to the next level. We are eager to announce the SoluteDNS Core, which is the new engine behind all DNS Management features.

The new SoluteDNS Core is an stand-alone product for developers which has over 25 callable actions to help integrate DNS Management in a comprehensive way into your own PHP system.

We will start using the new SoluteDNS Core for our own integrations as well. The current known Internal API will be removed in favor of the new SoluteDNS Core.

The SoluteDNS Core also introduces new license plans. Future integrations will become addons of the Core license. Speaking of those new integrations. Keep an eye on our blog as we will soon tell you more about our new open source Community Edition for WHMCS which will replace the current Lite and Starter licenses.

The SoluteDNS Core is now available and can be downloaded from our forum. You can try the SoluteDNS Core free of charge as the first 25 zones are on us!

SoluteDNS is an advanced DNS Management solution which integrates with WHMCS.