Community Edition for WHMCS

Community Edition for WHMCS

After the release of the SoluteDNS Core we are pleased to announce the release of the new SoluteDNS Community Edition for WHMCS.

The Community Edition is a new free tier which has all basic features needed for DNS Mangement. The Community Edition is open source and comes as pre-packed version and as git at GitHub. When using the git the SoluteDNS Core has to be downloaded separately.

Since the release of the SoluteDNS Core we are working towards integrating the Core in all of our products. We are pleased the Community Edition is the first product to embrace our DNS management Core. The SoluteDNS Core is available free of charge up to 25 zones to get you started. If you require more zones you can obtain an Core license.

The Community Edition is fully editable as it uses Smarty template files, language files and is open source. Developers can use the full API suite of the SoluteDNS Core for DNS Mangement tasks to create an solution which fully fits your needs.

Our 3.0 branch for SoluteDNS for WHMCS is on the way for users wo want more functionality as premade solution. The 3.0 branch will be our premium addon solution for WHMCS. Keep an eye out for more news.

SoluteDNS is an advanced DNS Management solution which integrates with WHMCS.