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DNS for products

DNS for products allows you to enable DNS Management for products instead of domains. Products which have been assigned as DNS product will have DNS Management enabled, and automatically have a zone created when ordered.

Please follow this steps to setup DNS for products:

1. Go to ‘Settings -> Automation‘ in the SoluteDNS admin area, and enable ‘DNS for products‘, and click ‘Save Changes’.

2. Go to ‘Settings -> Handling‘ and select for which products you want to enable DNS Management.
Also see: Template Flow Chart

3. If you want to use a custom DNS template for the specified product, you need to create a new template first otherwise the default template will be used. To create a new template, open the ‘Templates’ tab and click: ‘Add Template’. Next open the newly created template. Open the ‘Settings’ tab and assign the template to the product.

If you are using the new Six template SoluteDNS can add the required menu entries automatically, meaning you can skip the next steps.

4. Go to your WHMCS template folder and find ‘clientareaproductdetails.tpl

5. Open this file with your text editor and find:

{if $packagesupgrade}<li><a href="upgrade.php?type=package&id={$id}">{$LANG.upgradedowngradepackage}</a></li>{/if}

6. Add before this code:

{if $dnsonlymanagement}<li><a href="?m=solutedns&productid={$id}">{$LANG.clientareadomainmanagedns}</a></li>{/if}

Now your clients can edit DNS from the assigned products without having a domain.