Health system

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Health system

The DNS health system checks your zones against possible health/performance issues. Depending on your configuration the system will check for internal zone issues (requires DNSsec being enabled), nameserver cluster consistency and actual registered nameservers.

Enable the health system

To enable the health system you can check the Health System option which can be found at: Settings -> Automation -> DNS Management. Additional to enabling the health system you might also want to show or hide the status icons in the admin and/or client area at: Settings -> Automation Client Zones and Admin settings.

Health system automation

To automatically check all zones against possible health issues you can run the health status cron which can be found in the solutedns module directory:


Depending on the amount of zones you have we recommend to not run this cron more as ones a day. If DNSsec is enabled zones which are pending rectification are also checked against health issues. Depending on your requirements it’s advisable to run the health cron not more as ones a week if DNSsec is enabled.