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Installing the back-end

1. Upload the SoluteDNS folder to your WHMCS installation directory: /modules/addons/

2. Login to your WHMCS installation and go to: Setup > Addon Modules

3. Locate SoluteDNS and click ‘Activate’. After setup has completed click on ‘Configure’.

4. Select the user groups you want to have access to SoluteDNS and click ‘Save Changes’.

5. Go to: Addons > SoluteDNS, and the new installation setup will start.

6. Enter your license and PDNS server settings.

7. Setup your default template.

8. Review the ‘Settings’ and ‘Automation’ settings tab, and adjust them as you like.

Installing the front-end

If you are using the new Six template SoluteDNS can add the required menu entries automatically, meaning you can skip the next steps.

1. Open your template folder and locate clientareadomaindetails.tpl.

2. Open the file in a text editor and locate:

{if $dnsmanagement}<li><a href="clientarea.php?action=domaindns&domainid={$domainid}">{$LANG.clientareadomainmanagedns}</a></li>{/if}

Example code

3. Change clientarea.php?action=domaindns to index.php?m=solutedns

further on in this document you may have this code:

{if $addonstatus.dnsmanagement}
<a href="clientarea.php?action=domaindns&domainid={$domainid}">Manage</a> | <a href="clientarea.php?action=domainaddons&id={$domainid}&disable=dnsmanagement&token={$token}">Disable</a>

Also replace here clientarea.php?action=domaindns to index.php?m=solutedns

4. Safe the document in your template folder.

5. When necessary clear your template cache: Go to: Ulities > System > Cleanup en click ‘Emty Template Cache’.


If you want to grant clients access to the Zone Management and Template Management pages you can do so by adding a link anywhere you like (for example the header menu) to the following location:

Zone Management:

Template Management:

Do not forget to enable these features from the admin settings page.


You are now ready to use SoluteDNS!