PDNS Server

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All settings related to the nameserver you are connecting to SoluteDNS need to be provided in the Nameserver details page. The database details of your first server are already entered during setup.

Primary PowerDNS Database

Enter the database details of the database connected to your PowerDNS nameserver which contains all zone information. Depending on your nameserver setup your either choose Native or Master as zone type. You choose Native if you are using MySQL database replication to copy zones to your slave nameservers. If you are using AXFR zone transfer your need to setup the zone type as Master instead.


In these fields: nameserver 1 to 6 you enter the nameservers hostnames of your nameserver cluster. If you are using less then 6 nameserver leave the additional fields empty. The nameservers configured here will automatically be applied to each zone created through SoluteDNS. For this purpose you do not require to setup nameserver details in DNS templates later on.

DNSsec Details

If you want to enable DNSsec SoluteDNS requires access to the PowerDNS utility tool. Provide all necessary access details here and select all required options.

Multiple Nameservers

If your license allows it you can add multiple nameserver clusters. However do note you never add slave nameservers to SoluteDNS as SolutDNS does not handle slave distribution.

Nameserver Indexation

On initital setup the nameserver is indexed. For extra added nameservers a blue box will appear asking you to index the nameserver. If you want to reindex a server you add &index before the # character in the url.



Now the blue box asking you to index the nameserver appears and you can start indexing the nameserver again. This is useful if you for example have products configured and want to index these products to existing zones as well. Zones which are already indexed will be ignored during this process.