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Allowed records

Here you are able to select the record types you want have available to your clients.


Enter here your PowerDNS Nameserver hosts. The primary nameserver value will also be used in the SOA records. In order to have a valid SOA record you are required to enter at least the primary nameserver.

Default SOA

Here you are able to set the default SOA record. Recommended values are already set on installation, editing not necessary. The <domain> tag in the hostname will be converted into the domain of which the zone belongs to.


Select here the zone type you want to use on the PowerDNS database. You want to select ‘Master’ when you are using AXFR zone transfers. If you are using database replication, you want to use ‘Native’ instead. You can also limit the maximum allowed records for clients here. Enter (0) Zero for unlimited.


Here you can set the display options for the client area as well for the admin area. For the admin area you are able to limit the output in the domain overview by enabling ‘Hide non DNS’ domains or ‘Hide uncreated’ domains.


If you do not want your clients to make any changes to their zones, you can enable Maintenance mode. Optionally you can disable logging here to. Please note: only automated processes are logged.