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The template system allows you to pre-set a zone which is automatically used for new domain registrations. The default template will always be used if there is no other assigned template available. You cannot assign product to the default template.

Also see: Template Flow Chart

Assigning products

If you have created a custom template you can assign as many products to the template as you want. DNSonly always requires you to have the product added to a template. If a client orders a new domain with for example a hosting package, SoluteDNS will first check if there is a DNS template available for this product. If so it will use the specific template if not it will use the default template instead.

Default IP

In all templates you can setup a default IP address. If you use the <default-ipv4> or <default-ipv6> tag you need to setup a default IP under the template Settings tab. When using this tag SoluteDNS will first check if there is a IP assigned to the ordered product, if not it will check if there is a server assigned to the product and if there is an IP available for this server. If a server IP is not available SoluteDNS will use the default IP which has been setup in the template.


You can add as many records to the template as you like. SOA and NS records added to templates are ignored as they will be created automatically from the details which have been stored at the ‘Settings’ tab.

Example zone:

solutedns.com – SOA – default
solutedns.com – NS – ns1.solutedns.com
solutedns.com – NS – ns2.solutedns.com
solutedns.com – NS – ns3.solutedns.com
solutedns.com – NS – ns4.solutedns.com
solutedns.com – NS – ns5.solutedns.com
solutedns.com – A –
www.solutedns.com – A –
mail.solutedns.com – A –
solutedns.com – MX – mail.solutedns.com - 10


Client Templates

When client templates are activated, clients can create a custom template. If a client has activated his custom template, the system will use the client’s template for all newly created zones except when a zone is assigned to a product. In the last case the product template from the admin page will be used instead.