The Second Branch

The Second Branch

A view months back WHMCS announced their new v6 release. We had to pull all stops in order to make SoluteDNS compatible with this new release and at the same time comply with our future development plans as resources are valuable.

Beta Release
On September 1st 2015 we released the first alpha of our new branch which is fully compatible with WHMCS v6. Today we are about to launch the beta release of this second branch of SoluteDNS. This new release v0.2.1 will be available on October 10th 2015.

This new release contains many fixes and enhancements and comes with some new features. In our releases we are working hard to get to a release candidate. In this progress our business strategy also adapts to its developments.

New Plans
To make sure we are able to support and maintain SoluteDNS in a long term we have decided to drop the owned plans and introduce new leased plans. In our pricing model we have tried to create a solution for everyone from starting businesses to large enterprises. We even got a limited free plan. We fully understand much people would like to see an owned license plan, but we think we cannot provide qualitative long term support on these kind of licenses.

End Of Life
Wrapping up as WHMCS v5 will reach the end of life state at October 31th 2015 we strongly recommend SoluteDNS users to upgrade their WHMCS v5 setup to v6.1 when SoluteDNS v0.2.1 is released. Together with WHMCS we will also drop active support for our v0.1.x and below branch.

Daniel is employed by NetDistrict since 2008 as account manager and is responsible for SoluteDNS as project manager.