SoluteDNS Open Beta

SoluteDNS Open Beta

As part of the SoluteDNS development roadmap an public beta testing period has been issued. In the beta period everyone is able to test SoluteDNS for WHMCS for FREE without any obligations.

End date

Currently the public beta end date is not set. As soon the end date is known we will communicate this with our beta testers. Beta testers will be able to continue using SoluteDNS Beta for at least 2 months after the public beta has been closed.

How to apply?

Please click here for the submission form in order to apply for the beta program.

Please note:

  • The beta version is not meant for production environments, it is not recommended to use this software on live servers.
  • The beta program is free of charge, you are not obligated for purchase during the beta period.
  • Beta submissions are reviewed by hand, we intend to send your beta license within 24 hours.
Daniel is employed by NetDistrict since 2008 as account manager and is responsible for SoluteDNS as project manager.