DNS Management API

DNS Management API

Type: Addon for SoluteDNS
Version: 0.0.1


Installing DNS Management API is simple. Follow these steps to configure the back-end:

  1. Upload the SoluteDNS API folder to your WHMCS installation directory: /modules/addons/
  2. Login to your WHMCS installation and go to: Setup > Addon Modules
  3. Locate SoluteDNS API and click ‘Activate’. After setup has completed click on ‘Configure’.
  4. Select the user groups you want to have access to SoluteDNS API and click ‘Save Changes’.
  5. Go to: Addons > SoluteDNS API, and the new installation setup will start.

The addon will automatically detect the SoluteDNS installation, after successful activation you can immediately start configuring and using the API.

API Client

The API client requires configuration before you can publish it to your clients. To do so open the file:


In this file you will find:

const API_SERVER 		= 'clients.mydomain.com/whmcs/modules/addons/solutedns_api/api/v1';
const USE_SSL 			= FALSE; // TRUE or FALSE

Make sure you edit the api_server url to the location of your DNS Management API installation including the ‘/api/v1’ path.

You could also set a subdomain for example: ‘api.solutedns.com’ instead by adding an .htaccess file to the root map of the subdomain redirecting to the module installation directory.

Client area

The client area is reachable throw the following link:


This link can be added anywhere you like in the client area by editing the template files.

Clients can review and reset there API key from here. Also a blocked IP warning is shown if an IP locked to the API key has been blocked. The version numbering, documentation and download URL can be set from the admin area settings page.

Error Codes

When an error occurs an error code is returned to the client. Bellow a more detailed explanation of each error code.

40302Client IP has been blocked

Error Code Error Description
40301 Client not authorized to use the API.
40303 API-key has been blocked.
40321 Requested record type unknown.
40322 Client request function does not exists.
40331 SOA record type not allowed.
40332 Record type not allowed.
40411 Remote ID not available in index.
40412 Local ID not available in index.
40413 Domain type could not be determined.
40414 Domain holder could not be determined.
40415 Requested domain not found in index.
40416 No domains in client account with DNS Management enabled.
40421 Requested domain not owned by client.
50101 Local database connection not available.
50102 Nameserver database connection not available.
50301 Maintenance mode of SoluteDNS or API Addon activated.
50303 Issue with your addon license.
50111 Could not process client request.