Reverse Record Management

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Reverse Record Management

An admin can create reverse zones but this does not allow clients to edit reverse hostnames of IP addresses assigned to them. In order to allow clients to edit these reverse records you need to assign the IP or range of IP addresses to the client.

IP Assignment

You can assign/unassigned IP’s to clients by editing the following database table: mod_solutedns_reverse When adding a new assignment you are required to add data to the following columns:

Column: Type: Description:
client_id Int ID of the client.
server_id Int ID of the server where the reverse zone is located.
record_id Int The record id which belongs to the IP. You can add multiple records by separating them whit a comma (,).
ip String The IP for which this hostname is reverse. You can add anything you like. This is only for simple recognition by your client.

When the row is added correctly and reverse record management for clients is enabled the client can now set a reverse hostname for its assigned IP addresses.