Version 0.2.6 released

Version 0.2.6 released

We are eager to announce the release of SoluteDNS for WHMCS v0.2.6. We will shortly talk about some highlights and changes in this new release. For detailed changes please see the changelog and project tracker. You can review our GitHub page for template specific changes.

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System requirements
The minimum required version of PHP is 5.6 or higher. SoluteDNS is now encoded to support PHP 7 installations. WHMCS v7 is supported as well.

New TLSA DNS Assistant
The new TLSA DNS Assistant will help in creating new TLSA records. It can convert x.509 certificates to make life easier.

DNS Health for Standard plans
The DNS Health system is now available for standard plans as well.

New hook points
We have added an AfterZoneCreation hookpoint and a WHMCS menu entries hookpoint to this release which allows you to customize the automatically added menu entries.

Custom client area URL
You can now customize the client area link using the URL rewrite option.

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SoluteDNS is an advanced DNS Management solution which integrates with WHMCS.