Version 0.2.7 released

Version 0.2.7 released

We are pleased to release SoluteDNS for WHMCS v0.2.7. In this article we will shortly talk about this new update. For detailed changes please see the changelog and project tracker. You can review our GitHub page for template specific changes.

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WHMCS v7.1 compatibility
This new release of SoluteDNS is compatible with the newly released WHMCS v7.1

DNSsec improvements
When allowed by the administrator clients can now enable or disable DNSsec for their zones.  We also improved DNSsec processing times during zone creation and the system now automatically rectifies a zone when NSEC3 is enabled by an admin.

Internal API DNS cluster
When licensed you can now pre-set the DNS cluster on which the zone should be created when using the internal API.

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SoluteDNS is an advanced DNS Management solution which integrates with WHMCS.