A Developers update

A Developers update

SoluteDNS is in beta for quite some while now and still the end of the beta doesn’t seem to be near. Since WHMCS has announced their next major release being V6 we have planned to move SoluteDNS to it’s next branch. As we expected WHMCS 6 broke our current release. Not beyond fixable but considering we wanted to bring our Blesta version code more closer to the WHMCS version code to make future updates easier we have decided to continue on our new core and create the SoluteDNS 0.2.x branch.

Speaking about Blesta, indeed we are working on a release for Blesta! The core for our Blesta release was already designed and development already begun. For now we have taken this core to the new WHMCS branch and have reallocated our resources to WHMCS.

Basically meaning our next release will be the 0.2.0 version of SoluteDNS which will be compatible with WHMCS 6. We do not intend to make it backwards compatible with older version of WHMCS. We will however continue support for the 0.1.x branch until WHMCS drops support for their current stable release (WHMCS 5).

Development of the 0.2.x branch is still in an early stage but we are working hard to make sure SoluteDNS is available on WHMCS 6 as soon as possible. The initial release will be an alpha version. Depending on our users feedback we will decide if we are going forward with the beta on the second release or remain at alpha.

As soon the 0.2.x branch for WHMCS is up and going we will move back to the Blesta development. We are excited to show you what we have done so far but we still need to wait a little longer as development is still in an early stage.

If you have any questions about SoluteDNS please do not hesitate to contact our customer support!

Daniel is employed by NetDistrict since 2008 as account manager and is responsible for SoluteDNS as project manager.